My Wedding Philosophy

Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your entire life. For some, it's a day they've been planning most of their life. These factors alone are enough to make sure that you choose a photographer that will be able to capture your perfect day perfectly. You only have one chance to have this day photographed.
Every love story is different but being able to photograph the first day of the rest of your lives is an honor I don't take lightly.




Relax, smile and enjoy yourself! These are fun session to capture your family and all the wild things that make your family yours! From laughing children, silly faces and sometime some serious and cranky kids I totally know not everything is picture perfect.  I am a mother of 3 year old so I come in judgement free and know that tantrums and craziness are normal! Come enjoy a stress free session where we can make beautiful memories.


It's one of the most exciting experiences any woman can go though, the anticipation of bringing a new life into the world, the wonder what our bodies can do and the love that is given to little soul before you even meet them can't be described.  This type of session is one of a kind, encompassing the beauty of carrying life.

Senior Lifestyle Portraits

One of my favorite styles of photography is women's portraiture; there is nothing like a great photo to make you feel like a million bucks!  I work with brides, models and young women making them look and feel beautiful.  There is so much more to women's portraiture than just snapping a photo, each photo should tell a story of the person and the story they want to tell.  This can be everything from locations, hair and makeup, style and personality.   I personally work with each woman to create a signature look based on their interests, life experiences and how they want to feel and look in their images.


FRESH 48 & Newborn


Fresh 48 Sessions! These sessions take place within the first 48 hours of the babies birth.  It's set up this way because most hospital keep mom & baby for the first 48 hours after delivery.    

These sessions are wonderful to get the first professional photos of baby and your new expanded family.  Most hospitals do offer a photography service, but as a mother myself, I know first hand that my hospital photos were not what I thought they would be and for most can end up with crazy color, odd poses and edits and really miss the essence of what this special time felt like.  For me,  the first 48 hours are so precious, emotional and perfect.


Newborn sessions are exactly that, newborns.  These session are typically 3 - 5 hours and you may be thinking "How in the world would you photograph a baby for 3 hours or longer?"  However, if this is your first baby then you probably may not know that they will not be sleeping the entire time; as between those sweet sleepy shots, there is feeding, crying, peeing, diaper changes, feeding again, soothing, baby pooping and then back to sleeping again.  Its a process and I am sure you get the gist!